Camino al Tagliamento (UD)
Loc. Casali Maione, 8

Ferrin Paolo

The FERRIN estate is in Camino al Tagliamento, on the left bank of Friuli’s largest river, the Tagliamento, just a short distance away from majestic Villa Manin, one of Friuli’s most important historic sites with one of the region’s most important historic gardens. Here, in Friuli di Mezzo, the Ferrin family has been making wine since 1937. In its 12 hectares of vineyard, near the estate building, the farming methods used are environmentally sustainable and respect growing demands for environmental safeguards, guaranteeing the authenticity of the grapes grown in them. Vocation, technology and love of our land. It is from a combination of these elements that Ferrin wines are born - whites and reds - vinified in steel and also oak and acacia wood barrels making both sparkling and still wines, all produced in accordance with Friuli’s best wine making traditions for the most careful and exacting consumers.