Science of wines and pleasure of the senses

Our activities will not only give you the opportunity to discover and taste local wines and spirits, but also discover the techniques of the winemakers and wine merchants of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Let them guide you and you will not lose a drop of an all-Italian know-how!

From preparation to tasting

Learn... and enjoy! Whether you want to perfect your knowledge or you are a beginner, our restaurant owners and food professionals will make you discover everything from their expertise, unto the best kept secrets which make Friuli–Venezia Giulia a high place of the Italian gastronomy.

The soul of a dinner

Here, charcuterie is the essential accompaniment to convivial meals and festive aperitifs! Since ancient times, Italians have mastered the techniques of preservation as well as the sublimation of meats. Our service providers are the bearers of this unique know-how, and invite you with all their passion to discover these subtleties.

Back to the origins

Matching a dish, a wine, having the know-how to arrange a platter, understand the science of maturing, nay manufacture a cheese, this is what our cheese craftsmen offer you during gourmand workshops. The region offers a large variety of chesses that we suggest to discover or rediscover. If you like industrial milk made cheese, this is not the place for you. For everyone else, it will be a discovery and a party of the senses.

Let's not forget about the dessert!

Yes, it takes rigor to offer your guests a firework of flavors at the end of your dinners. But rest assured, our pastry chefs will pamper you and help you have a taste of the richness of our Italian desserts. For those who are afraid to put their hands in the dough, no problem, they will just taste: we also offer tastings. Feel free to use small… or big spoons!

Toccare il cielo con un dito

Un'esperienza all'aperto è un piacere impagabile. Rilassarsi, scoprire piccoli piaceri, assaporare il gusto di prodotti e materie prime artigianali in un'atmosfera informale. Proposte all'insegna della semplicità e della bontà.

How does it work?


  • un atelier, una degustazione, un evento. Tutte le esperienze sono scelte con cura e proposte dalle eccellenze della regione.


  • perché non ci sarà bisogno di convincerti. Abbiamo esperienze interessanti, gustose e che rimarranno nel tuo cuore!
  • hai la garanzia di un sistema di pagamento on line semplice e sicuro.
  • e la possibilità di annullare la prenotazione fino a 48h prima della data dell' evento.


  • l'unica cosa che ti rimarrà da fare è renderti nel luogo previsto, alla data prevista, per assaporarne ogni momento.
  • Da Gustait, i protagonisti siete voi!.